About King Carton Plastic factory


King Carton Plastic factory started its activity in 2020 with the import of the best machinery for the production of PP Corrugated Sheets (Carton Plast) on a land area of 36,000 meters. King Carton Plastic factory consists of independent units such as research and development, quality control, design and marketing, die cutting, printing and granulation. The Cardboard Plast production industry is known as a green industry due to its environmentally benign effects and is used in various sectors such as construction, packaging, automotive, home appliances, agriculture, recycling. Relying on the knowledge and expertise of specialists, King Carton Plast factory was able to obtain the international quality certification of Carton Plast products in 2006.
Over time, the demand for PP Corrugated Sheet products in domestic and foreign markets has been increasing day by day, and in all these years, King Cardboard Plastic factory has proved that its factory is able to supply quality products and at the same time with reasonable prices and has managed to satisfy its customers compared to domestic and foreign products. King Carton Plastics factory has imported 5 of the best machines in the field of production of Carton Plast products from Italy since 2015, in order to meet the needs of its customers and to deliver orders on time, as well as for the specific objectives of the sales department, and is now known as the greatest reference in the trading and pricing of Carton Plast in the Middle East, with the most up-to-date machines and the best technology in this field. cardboard plastic has many properties and among all these properties, the lightness, waterproofness and recyclability of products made of cardboard plastic make it different from other materials.

To be introduced to different departments of King Karton Plastik factory

1) Zund printing press (Zund): This machine applies four colors to various surfaces, including stone, wood, glass, metal, plastic has the ability to print. To make all kinds of printed designs and offer them to you, our valued customers
2) Thieme printing press: This machine offers a high print speed (1200 pages per hour) and excellent quality. is capable of printing single-color to four-color designs in circulations. And the dimensions of the printing surface are up to a maximum length and width of (215 × 165) cm. subject to change.
3) Dykat machine (G.rabolini): The Rabolini fully automatic machine is capable of molding 4000 sheets per hour. Polypropylene and PVC sheets can also die.
4) Grinder machine: This machine is used for grinding sheets.
5) Granule making machine: It is used to recycle and granulate shredded boards.
6) Extruder The application of this machine is the composition of raw material pp melting and granulation.

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Factory phone: +90 414 503 89 39
Email: info@kingkarton.com