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30 April 2021
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30 April 2021

PP Corrugated Sheet, application in the construction industry

Today, it is inevitable to use new materials and equipment in order to achieve faster production while increasing safety in the construction industry. Carton Plast's experts, who are aware of the heavy metal mold problems in the implementation of construction projects, recommend using the plastic sheets produced by the company instead of polystyrene blocks in the first suspended ceilings as an alternative to polystyrene blocks and after seeing the desired result, they should be used instead of Metal molds as an alternative to Plast plates, so that the desired result is achieved and this caused a dramatic change in the field. According to experts, the advantages of PP Corrugated Sheet can be evaluated as lightness, ease of application, water impermeability (not absorbing concrete water), as well as resistance to acids and alkalis and economy. Thus, after at least 6 periods of molding, these plastic sheets can finally be used as moisture, sound and heat insulation on walls and ceilings.
Generally, the uses of PP Corrugated Sheet in the construction industry are as follows:
Roof covering of industrial hangars
Roof covering of poultry and livestock halls
Concrete formwork
wallboard ·
Safety and warning signs

Roof covering of PP Sheet Hangars

The unique properties of PP Hollow Sheet, such as washability and very affordable price compared to other coating materials, are the most important factors in using this product to cover the roofs of industrial hangars. PP Corrugated Sheets are used on the last floor of the roofs of sheds. In the past, foam plastic and chicken net were used on the last floor of the roof of the sheds, which cannot be washed and do not look good in terms of beauty. For food and sanitary production hangars, sanitary coverings approved by the health institution should be used. These coatings were usually sandwich panels that cost the manufacturer a very high cost, but by using a Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet roll to cover industrial roofs, you can safely use them as a sanitary cover as well as the beauty and combination of different colors.