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Textile Separator

The textile separator is a unique product to ensure safe stacking of your products depending on your needs.

As King Karton, we offer you the best way to protect your parts and the goods you produce! Thanks to the separator, you don't have to worry about your products that are painted or sensitive to scratches. You can choose this product, which provides superior protection, for components of all sizes.

The textile separator is an ergonomic packaging solution mainly used in the automotive industry. It provides unique protection for products such as headlights, leather-wrapped steering wheels, doors, mirrors, windshields.

Since it can be used in the automotive industry, you can use it with peace of mind in other industrial sectors. If you produce small metal parts or products that cannot resist scratches such as glass, panels, handles, textile separators are for you!


What is a Textile Separator?

The textile separator is a packaging solution designed to keep parts separate, prevent contact between them, prevent parts from coming into contact with each other and create resistance to vibrations during transportation.

The compartments provide excellent protection, especially when storing and transporting parts with different shapes. Textile separators increase part density. In other words, it allows multiple products to be stacked in a single product. This allows you to increase the amount of parts transported in the transport vehicle

Separator with Low Cost

Seperator, which means partitions in Turkish, provides a great advantage in packaging. It provides good protection whether your product is cube, square or rectangular. These packages, which can be produced according to your budget, are a product that you can choose for both in-house storage and logistics processes.

Suitable for every budget, your products can be stacked without being damaged during the waiting period until they are put on sale. This compartmentalized packaging is the number one way to protect your products.

Advantages of Textile Separators

Disruptors are known to increase productivity in the production area. It prevents the labor force from shifting to difficult areas. In this way, it accelerates in-plant activities. It acts as an intermediate shelf for many companies.

You can either add the separators to the storage bins or place them in a separate area. At the same time, it can be produced in the sizes and dimensions you want. In this way, you can have the most suitable separator for your product concept at affordable costs.

It aims to protect your products from external factors while preventing deformation by contacting each other. With all these benefits, you can store and transport your products in the way and quantity you prefer.

You can find many benefits in a single product thanks to these separators, which are ready for your service in a wide range from production companies to transportation companies. Apart from all these, other advantages are as follows:

  • Separators can be folded when empty. This saves you storage space.
  • Your pieces can nest inside the box.
  • Handling the packaging is easy for your operators. This will make your business journey go faster.
  • Since it has a lightweight structure, you will not have difficulty in transportation.
  • Your goods with sensitive surfaces are protected from dust and scratches.
  • Individual designs can be created tailored to your specific requirements and wishes.
  • It has a uniquely beautiful design. This makes your storage room look clutter-free and pleasing to the eye.
  • It saves you from extra safe costs.
  • Suitable for every budget.
  • It has a strong structure and is resistant to external factors.
  • Easy to install.
  • It can be used in in-plant processes, on production lines and final delivery areas, on production sites or in customer demonstration organizations.
  • Requires less maintenance than other packaging systems.

Textile Seperators Serve as Shelves!

Thanks to its compartmentalized structure, you can stack items that you do not want to touch each other, goods at risk of breakage and medical materials. The partitions are made in shelf style. Thanks to their perpendicular forms, they provide integrity. Apart from its separator feature, it acts as a support for your products that are likely to tip over.

Fast Installation, Simple Operation

Separators are mounted and shaped by sitting on each other at right angles. It can be produced according to the dimensions that suit your needs. As King carton company, this type of packaging, which is included in our product range, is very popular. Using the separator intermediate divider product is not as troublesome as it is thought to be. As soon as you receive the product, you can unpack it and start using it after a short process.

Textile Separators Have Versatile Uses

The most important benefit of separators is their versatility. It offers a wide dimensional range for various manufacturers. It is made of quality materials and has an original design with universal shapes.

You can use this product, which has many eye separators, for your new production, for your refurbished production or for your old production. Ergonomic for your small, medium or large products. You can store your natural stones, car mirrors or pedals. The fact that you can use it for the product you want saves you a lot of money in economic terms.

What is the Lifetime of Fabric Separators?

Seperators have a long service life thanks to the fabrics sewn on them. These fabrics are very easy to clean and maintain. Superior performance against abrasion. Fabrics with antibacterial, antistatic and anti-scratch properties are used.

Fabric textile separator crates are designed with tarpaulin to protect your materials from dust, dirt, etc. caused by the external environment or negativities such as bumps and friction. These fabrics have excellent processability. It offers a wide experience of application variability. At the same time, the fabrics have a high degree of protective properties and low weight.

Protect Multiple Products in One Place!

Textile dividers are an excellent packaging product for protecting parts with delicate surfaces. This cost-effective solution allows you to include a large number of parts in a single packaging unit.

It is important to stack the products you produce as a whole instead of stacking them separately in your storage area. At the same time, you will avoid any confusion during shipment. While enjoying the convenience of finding the product range you are looking for in a single package, you can also immediately select the products you will send to the logistics unit.

For Which Products Can Textile Separator Be Used?

Textile separators can be sized specifically for your area of use. They are tailor-made according to the characteristics, dimensions and constraints of your products (scratch or breakage sensitivities, etc.).

The separators are ideal for all kinds of products, whether they are plastic, steel, small or large, or custom-made.

It is suitable for use in all sectors from light industry to heavy industry such as automotive industry, electronics industry, garment industry, electrical industry, mining industry, iron and steel industry, cosmetics industry, media industry.

It is especially preferred for the production of fragile components such as delicate objects like glass. It is also frequently preferred for the production of scratch-prone components such as metal. Separators are the ideal solution for the protection of medical devices.

Thanks to the smooth surfaces of the textile separator product, your painted or varnished parts can be stored at an ultra-protection level. This prevents damage to your products to be packaged.

Separator with King Karton Privilege

As King Karton, we are one of the leading companies in the field of polypropylene such as pp corrugated sheets, plastic sheets and plastic boxes. We have added the textile separator product to the solutions we produce to facilitate the business adventures of our customers. Thanks to these dividers, which are a savior for moments when you have a large number of products and scattered storage, you can realize an orderly production.

Dividers are produced by our company and offered to your use. You can get more detailed information by contacting our company officials via our website or through our contact information.


PP Corrugated Textile separator Prices

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