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Plastic Cat Dog Kennels

Our pets need a warm and soft place to rest, so it is better to dedicate a part of the house to them so that they feel more comfortable in our villas and apartments. more than animals.

Pet house

Our company designs and manufactures colorful houses for dogs, cats and pets to provide a safe, beautiful and convenient resting place for animals, providing a good and comfortable environment for your pets.

Animal house made of PP Sheet

As you know, Cardboard Plast is made of polypropylene and you can have a Cardboard Plast cat house for a long time and it is economical in price. Our company is the largest and most modern Cardboard Plast manufacturer in Turkey. the way to be comfortable and odorless in terms of health. If you want to know what PP Corrugated Sheet is? You can read this article.

What is PP Sheet?

For a long time, pets have brought a sense of love and happiness into our lives, so we should have more animal vibes than before.

Animals love a place to sleep and a warm and cozy nest, and having a place of their own gives them a sense of well-being and security. and the cute cat. It is also very lightweight, so you can take it with you when you move to another home or travel, and it protects against heat, cold and rainwater.

The Cardboard Plast Dog House also has all the points we mentioned above, just one important thing! Due to the good reception of our dear friends and respect for the tastes of our customers, we decided to produce and supply animals in several different colors.