What are the properties of PP corrugated sheet?

Carton Plast is produced from polypropylene materials by extrusion method and is a product of the King Cardboard Plastic factory:

Being light

Due to its cardboard plast structure, this product has a low weight. It weighs one-sixth the weight of glass is one third of acrylic. This unique feature allows Cardboard plastic sheets and rolls to be used in a variety of industries. has led to its widespread use.

Different color types

Another feature of Karton Plast is its wide range of colors. This color change is the result of the production of this product. is a consequence of the use of colored masterbatches.


In addition to being flexible and lightweight, Karton Plast's polypropylene grade is due to the use of raw materials, which results in the high flexibility and can be curved both longitudinally and transversely, but To avoid twisting the groove, it is better to rotate it in the longitudinal direction.

High pressure tolerance

If you look closely at the shape of the cardboard plast structure, you can see that the top and bottom layers are connected you can see the columns clearly. The high number of these columns per unit area and their close proximity to each other and this has resulted in Sheet Plast boxes and packaging being highly resistant to against external stresses.


Most plastic-based products are washable and Cardboard plast is no exception and this product is water and can be easily cleaned with detergent and will not have any harmful effects.


No toxic substances are used in the production of cardboard plastics and these sheets are safe for human health. does not pose any danger. They can also be used for food packaging. However, box products for food and pharmaceutical packaging disinfected by one of the sterilization methods before packaging and placement should be required.


People have the belief that plastic materials always have a bad odor, but this faith that plastic products can sometimes be made from second-hand and recycled materials. is due to the fact that it has a bad odor. However, in the production of cardboard plastics, in addition to having no bad odor, it is completely hygienic. we use new and high quality raw materials.


Cardboard plast printing is one of the reasons for the popularity of this product among consumers. Thanks to its smooth surface, it is easy to print on plastic sheet. On cardboard plast The methods that can be chosen for printing are screen printing and digital printing. High quality of printing and to ensure that the printed design does not tear.

Easy cutting ability

Contrary to expectations, cardboard plast has unparalleled strength and durability. Cardboard plastic sheets and rolls can be easily cut and cut into the desired shape and shape with a knife. can be cut in design. However, at the King Cardboard Plastic factory, we offer a wide range of products for shops and advertising for more precise and regular cuts. fully automatic for making products such as stands or packaging boxes and fruit boxes machines are used. Also, according to customer's special design, staples, hot glue to connect the cut pieces, We use plastic welding and other safe methods.

Maintain basic flexibility

As mentioned above, Carton Plast has a high degree of flexibility during production and this elasticity in this product will not disappear until it is exposed to direct sunlight and it will be will retain its softness completely.

Not flammable

Perhaps you may be surprised to hear that products made of polypropylene are not flammable and that plastic You are one of the people who said we have always seen products burn. Yes, you are right. King Carton Plastic factory is committed to making the customer's product fireproof and not only needs non-flammable cardboard Plast to melt with heat and reduce the risk of fire, production uses fireproof masterbatch in the process.

Impact and crush resistance

Reasons for the strength of cardboard plast 4. according to the statements in the queue, for the same reasons The product's resistance to impact and crushing will be very high, and this characteristic is characteristic of Plastic Carton Plast can be used to provide the necessary benefit in its construction.

Chemical resistant

All products made of polypropylene materials, ideal against chemicals resistance, and products made in King Carton Plastic are no exception to this rule.

Thermal insulation

Thanks to its H-shaped structure, cardboard plast prevents heat loss or ambient cold and provides insulation therefore, in the construction industry, this product can be used as an energy-saving product to prevent energy loss. application.

Moisture insulation

Cardboard plastics completely prevent the passage of water and moisture. Therefore, in greenhouses, swimming pools and ... can be used.

Sound insulation

Due to the network structure of this product and the presence of air in the plates, it provides thermal insulation as well as sound insulation. can also be used as insulation and these plastic cards can be used to isolate ambient sounds. can be used.

UV insulation

In the production of this product according to the customer's order, the passage of the sun's ultraviolet rays special materials that block and greatly increase the resistance of this product to sunlight is being used.


This product is fully recyclable.

World standard

This product is made entirely from standard materials approved by the FDA (US Department of Health). Made.


This product can be used as a product divider in many classrooms.


Another feature of Carton Plast products is that a nuclear masterbatch is added during the process. is that polypropylene transparency can be increased by adding molecular organization.


Another feature that can be provided at the request of the customer in the production of Cardboard Plast is the production of products with antistatic properties to prevent the formation of static electricity and dust absorption on the product surface.