Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet Features

Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet is produced from polypropylene materials by extrusion method and It is a product of the King Karton Plastik factory, with features:

Being light

This product has a low weight due to the plastic structure .Its weight is one sixth of glass and one third of acrylic. This unique feature makes it possible for Cardboard plastic sheets and rolls to be used in various industries. It has provided widespread applications.

Different types of colors

Another feature of Carton Plast is its wide color range. This color change is It is a result of the use of color masterbatches during production.


The flexibility of Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet is due to the use of high-grade raw materials in the structure of the product. Also, its light weight ensures that the sheets and rolls have high flexibility and can bend longitudinally and transversely, but to prevent cracking, it is best to bend in the longitudinal direction.

High pressure tolerance

If you look closely at the structure of the Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet, you can clearly see the columns. The large number of these columns per unit area and their proximity to each other gives the necessary resistance to high pressure. As a result, Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet packaging will be more resistant to external pressures.


Most plastic base products are washable and Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet is no exception to this rule, and this product is easy to clean with detergent and at the same time will not be damaged.


No toxic substances are used in the production of pp hollow sheets and these substances are safe for human health. Therefore, they can be used for food packaging. However, it is best to sterilize Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet boxes for food and medicine packaging by one of the disinfection methods.


People believe that plastics always have a bad smell due to the use of second-hand and recycled materials. While in the production of Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet, we use new and high-quality raw materials, so it has no smell and is completely hygienic.


Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet printing is one of the reasons for the popularity of this product among consumers. Printing is easy due to its smooth surface. The methods that can be chosen for printing are Silkscreen printing and digital printing. We use the coronation process for high quality printing.

Easy cutting ability

Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheet contrary to expectations, has unmatched strength and durability.Corrugated polypropylene (PP) sheets and rolls can be easily cut into the desired shape and shape with a knife. However, in the King Karton Plastik factory, for more precise and regular cuts, use fully automatic die cutting machine for making display and advertising stands also other products such as packaging boxes and fruit boxes. Also, depending on the shape of the order, we use different bonding methods such as punching, hot melt to connect the cut parts. The connection or sewing of the two sheets is done by rivets, flat wires or welding. And can also be used adhesive tape or hot melt.

Maintain basic flexibility

As mentioned above, Karton Plast has a high degree of flexibility during production and This flexibility in this product will not disappear until it is exposed to direct sunlight and it will keep its softness completely.

Not flammable

You may be surprised to hear that polypropylene products are non-flammable and plastic. You may be one of those people who say we saw plastic products burn. Yes, you are right.But in the King Karton Plastik factory, using up-to-date knowledge and adding flame Retardant, it is possible to produce products that only melt with heat and do not ignite.

Impact and crush resistance

PP hollow sheet has good mechanical properties, the special structure of plastic hollow sheet makes it have good toughness, shock resistance, high compressive strength, high stiffness, good bending performance and other excellent mechanical properties.

Chemical resistant

All products made of polypropylene are ideal for chemical resistance, and products made by King Karton Plastik are no exception.