Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet Manufacturer

The biggest name you will encounter in the PP Corrugated Sheet sector is King Karton Plastic Industry Group. King Karton Plastik factory started its operations in 2020 with the import of the best machinery for the production of PP Corrugated Sheets (Karton Plast) in Şanlıurfa on a land area of 36,000 meters.
Our products are produced in 2-12 mm thicknesses and different weights and we have the biggest factory of Cardboard Plast products. These products are known as green industries around the world because they do not harm the environment. The main product is produced in rolls or sheets and each has its main applications in various industries. Rolls are mostly used in the construction and agricultural sectors. Thus, it can be used for roofing in industrial hangars and poultry farms and also as a growing bed in greenhouses.
PP sheet has many applications in various industries. It is used in the production of various product packaging boxes, fruit boxes, shop stands, advertising stands and many other products.


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PP Corrugated Sheet

PP Corrugated Sheets, also known as Cartonplast, plastic sheet, Corrugated Plastic Sheets are made of two completely flat sheets of plastic, with parallel columns made of the same plastic between and connecting them. The raw materials needed to produce Cartonplast are mainly polypropylene (PP), with the chemical formula -n[CH2-CH(CH3)]- , and a small amount of carbonate. Unfortunately, as we have seen in some cases, some factories that do not respect the rights of their consumers compete unprofessionally for price reductions and use too much baking soda in the production of their products, which leads to a sharp decrease in the quality of the products of such manufacturers. With 18 years of experience in this industry, King Carton Plastic factory has proven that it will not trade consumer rights for profits. The polypropylene materials needed by cardboard Plast factories are mostly supplied by petrochemicals that supply materials on the stock exchange. However, in the stock market and in the competitive environment, due to the quantity of orders or the inability to buy at the moment, sometimes factories have to procure their raw materials at a higher rate on the open market. With all these explanations, so that you can have a clearer picture of our products and easily visualize them in your mind, let's say that cardboard Plast is similar to corrugated cardboard, but the difference is that these cartons are made of polypropylene materials instead of cardboard and have more features and advantages than corrugated cardboard. Cardboard Plast can be produced in thicknesses from 2 mm to 12 mm and in different weights.


Polypropylene Corrugated products


How can the quality and strength of PP corrugated sheet be improved?

The quality and strength of PP Corrugated sheet is directly related to the thickness and density of the sheet produced. These two properties have opposite effects on durability. That is, the lower the thickness of the sheet at constant weight (density), the more durable the sheet, and the higher the weight of the sheet at constant thickness, the more durable the sheet.
For example, a 3 mm thick board with a density of 600 g is more durable and of better quality than a 5 mm thick board with a density of 600 g.
On the contrary, a 3 mm thick 600 g density board is more durable and of higher quality than a 3 mm thick 500 g density board.

Fairs We Attended

Every year, many fairs are organized all over Turkey and the world in the field of advertising and packaging. As King Karton Plastik Company, it participates in these fairs every year and exhibits its products and quality.


2022 Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Fair

The leading trade fair for the packaging industry will host its 27th edition on October 12-15, 2022. for the first time!

2022 Interfresh Eurasia Antalya Fair

Vegetable, Fruit, Packaging, Storage, Logistics, Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Fair October 20-22, 2022

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PP Corrugated Sheet In the use of Plastic Sheets and cardboard plast rolls

Plastic sheet

Sheets have more uses than cardboard plast rolls and there is almost no industry that does not use cardboard plast sheets, also known as plastic sheets. Plastic sheets are produced in different weights and thicknesses between 2 mm and 12 mm. Plast cardboard sheets have a wide range of applications as they can be easily cut and there are different ways to connect these cut pieces together and different products can be made depending on the creativity used. Products made in this way are called recycling products in King Karton Plastik.

Cardboard Plast roll

PP Sheet roll is one of the products manufactured with modern machines in King Karton Plastic factory and is appreciated by domestic and foreign markets for its unique quality. These rolls are often used as roofing for hangars, flooring, formwork for concrete, greenhouse growing beds, molding for silicone containers, and covering wire and cable pulleys. Of course, there are other uses for plastic rolls, but we have mentioned the most common ones here. These rolls are usually produced in thicknesses of 2 mm to 4 mm and weights of 290 to 900 grams.