Flower Boxes

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Fruit and Vegetable Box
30 April 2021
Corex box
Corex Box and Dunnage Box
17 May 2021

PP Corrugated Flower Boxes

Polypropylene Corrugated Flower and Seedling Box is a box in different sizes and colors produced according to the design requested by the customer. Compared to other flower boxes such as wood and cellulose cartons, these boxes are not only lightweight but also have the necessary resistance to sudden shocks from transportation.It is tear-proof, printable and most importantly, it is waterproof during transport, providing enough water to keep the flowers and seedlings fresh and fading. prevents it from drying out. It is also a recyclable and green industry.

Flower Rocket

A plastic flower rocket is a perforated plate formed by a mold that is used as a holder for a branch in florists and to decorate spaces. Cardboard Plast can be a good option in the flower and plant industry as it is light, waterproof, impact and tear resistant.