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17 May 2021
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30 April 2021

PP Sheet Packaging industry

The use of boxes and cartons made of plastic sheets has made a significant change in the packaging industry as it is the best option to bring a stylish product to the market due to its low weight, strength and high durability, ideal printing and cutting, beauty and safety. These are the economically justified reasons that convince the packaging of their products to use Cardboard Cardboard Plast and boxes. their colors meet different needs in product packaging.
What are the benefits of using boxes made of Plastic Corrugated Sheets:
It is light.
100% moisture and water resistance.
Acids, chemicals, detergents, greases and industrial and cooking oils are ineffective.
It is resistant to temperature fluctuations from -20 to +80 degrees Celsius.
It was 100% recyclable.
It is ESD protective.
It has the approval of the competent health authorities for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Gift Box

Cardboard Plast boxes are suitable for all kinds of gifts including food, clothing, promotional items and many products. Thus, companies can offer a gift package to their customers to display their products in the most elegant packaging while appreciating their customers. Cardboard plastic boxes that will meet the needs of your loved ones are only durable and waterproof it can be produced in any design and color suitable for all tastes and genders.

Fishing box

Cardboard Plast boxes are waterproof and durable and with its unique design, it prepares your products such as meat, shrimp and fish to be presented to the customer in a hygienic and inexpensive way.It is the ideal packaging for transporting and storing your goods at freezing temperatures.


Mailboxes made of Cardboard Plast or Polypropylene (PP Corrugated Sheet) are a good alternative to corrugated cardboard due to its environmental compatibility and 100% recyclability, waterproof, high resistance and higher impact. These boxes are ready to be presented to you, our valued customers, together with printing in different sizes and desired designs for the packaging and sending of shipments and shipments in online stores, shipping companies and services.

Medicine box

The use of Karton Plast for packaging and transportation in the pharmaceutical industry has made great progress due to its waterproof as well as its hygienic and impact resistance. Since the drug has a high vital and financial value, it must be stored under certain conditions and Karton Plast is the best option for this. It is the best option for drugs produced in liquid and lotion form. cardboard plast completely prevents these substances from leaking. In addition to these factors, Karton Plast can be used without fear of the pressure caused by the storage of the material, as it has a significant resistance to similar products.

Wire and cable Cover

The wire and cable reels protector made of Karton Plast enables the customer to display their own brand on the wire and cable packaging, and in addition to the packaging shape, it is a kind of protection against static electricity discharge for the product.Waterproof and reasonable price and shock absorption, this material is Cardboard plastic reels are also used for plastic edge protectors.

Valve box

Waterproof and modern boxes of PP Sheet can be produced in different sizes and models according to the tastes of the customers and in different colors according to the application of the desired product.

Radiator packaging

The most important goal of packaging a product is to protect the product in the first place, which the cardboard Plast industry does as best as possible. Packages containing radiators are placed on top of each other in shipping and warehouse due to their small width. Manufacturers can use cardboard Plast in their packaging to provide maximum protection in this process.

Elevator and elevator equipment boxes

One of the reasons why a particular type of packaging is superior to other types is its ability to protect the desired product against impact and moisture, which is very important and taken into account in the electronics industry. has begun to manufacture lock boxes and control panel covers, which make the products well protected and at the same time easier for manufacturers to transport and store.

Pallet box

Palletised boxes have durable surfaces that protect the product from impact during transportation. The pallet can be controlled from all four sides and is suitable for all trucks and forklifts. A solid door ensures high walls, security. Since Karton Plast is recyclable, it does not pollute the environment, but it has a longer lifespan compared to wooden pallets. The advantages of using cardboard Plast pallets include carrying very heavy loads, using them several times, and also weighing less than metal pallets. The use of these pallets is completely hygienic and safe and cold storage is the most suitable option for warehouses.

Motorized courier box

King Karton Plastik Companisi has played an important role in providing cost savings for valued customers by designing and manufacturing various boxes for the transportation of their goods to motor couriers. and… Due to the materials used in these boxes, this product has sun-protective properties (anti-UV) and has a very high durability with its lightness.