Plastic Box

Plastic Parcel Plastic is a clear example of an ideal packaging type for products that prevent products from hitting sudden impacts and getting wet thanks to its plastic structure and content, and also has the feature of Recyclability as an environmentally friendly packaging.

Advantages of Plast Kolin:

  • Waterproof
  • High durability
  • Cost-effective price
  • Ability to produce in different colors
  • All kinds of designs and photos can be printed
  • Can be produced in any size

Plastic Box

In addition to protecting goods during transportation and distribution, packaging is one of the most important elements of brands.
Cardboard is one of the oldest and most common types of packaging and the use of cardboard in the world dates back around 250 years. Reasons for using cardboard boxes for packaging goods include convenient protection, cheapness and availability, carton design and printability, the ability to use packaging advertising and recyclability.
Carton Plast is a very new product in the packaging industry compared to cardboard. The production history of Carton Plast dates back about 30 years in Italy and not more than 20 years in Turkey.
The advantages of using Cardboard Plast boxes over cardboard boxes are that they are more resistant to impact and tearing.

Deposited Parcel

Thanks to the Deposited Parcel and Box application, your finished product parcels can be collected from dealers and sales points and the parcel cleaning process can be started, and the cleaned parcels can be used over and over again for product distribution, reducing the amount of parcel packaging waste by 70%.

Deposited Parcel Usage Areas:

  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Continuous Product Shipment to Points of Sale
  • Fruit & Vegetable Shippers
  • Industrial Product Shippers
  • .......

Plastic box are made of plastic sheets. Plastic parcels, which are preferred by many companies and provide great cost savings, provide great advantages for transportation, archive and storage. Long life span. It is a type of parcel and box suitable for reuse. It is very valuable for the packaging industry. This is because it is light in weight, has high endurance performance and is safe. It also provides economic convenience in terms of being budget-friendly.

The plastic box is available in a variety of thicknesses and strengths. Available in different color scales and sizes. In this way, it is a product that responds easily to the needs and requests for product packaging. Resistant to moisture, chemicals and industrial harshness. It is practical to install and does not take up space in warehouses.

The Importance of Using Plastic Boxes

The importance of using plastic boxes is very important for businesses. Their most important feature is that they benefit the budget. It can be used for transporting or stacking products, as a presentation bag, storage box, transport box. The plastic box offers convenience independent of space and product. It has a comfort that can be carried anywhere. Since plastic boxes are long-lasting, they retain all their properties for a long time. It is very effective in reducing transportation losses. In particular, it provides the perfect solution for retail chains and suppliers to optimize products.

Plastic boxes are easy to clean. It is an extremely hygienic product. For this reason, it is preferred by many businesses, especially in recent years. It can be brought back to the industry through recycling. It is highly resistant to external impacts and has a flexible structure. It is not affected by bad weather conditions. Can be cleaned with cleaning products. Thanks to its durability, it allows businesses to use it for many years with its budget-friendly feature.

Plastic Parcel Usage Area

Plastic parcel usage area is very wide. It is a very common stacking and transportation product that is frequently used in almost every sector. Due to its smooth surface, it is not affected by moisture and humidity. In addition, as it is an easy-to-clean product, it prevents harmful and bad organisms from adhering to the surface. It provides great convenience in terms of transportation and stacking of finished products. It is used in many production areas such as clothing, food, spare parts, paper and many more.

The plastic transport box is often preferred for packaging by various sectors for its high performance and lightweight, environmentally friendly material. Businesses also use these boxes when giving gifts and promotional products to their customers. In this way, they gain the appreciation of customers. It aims to display products in the most elegant packaging. Apart from businesses, it is also used for stacking at home.

Types of Transport Boxes

The range of transport boxes is versatile. Plastic box types that meet the needs and wishes can be produced in designs and colors suitable for every taste and gender. Plastic boxes are produced in different sizes and shapes according to their place of use. It has varieties such as boxes for the clothing industry, boxes for fishing, gift boxes, mailboxes, medicine boxes, valve boxes, radiator boxes, boxes for elevators and equipment, pallet boxes and motor courier boxes.

It provides a more comfortable use for products that are likely to be damaged quickly. Made of plastic, it is very suitable for stacking and archiving. At the same time, as there are printed and unprinted varieties of transport boxes, they are suitable for personalization. Plastic box types provide superior performance, especially in dowry transportation. It can be produced with prints for the bride or groom or with prints of shapes such as ribbons.

Plastic Box Dimensions

Plastic parcel sizes vary according to usage areas. Parcel dimensions are specified as length * width * height. The long side of the box is called the "length" and the short side is called the "width". Standard plastic boxes usually look like this;

Mini size: 30*20*20

Mini size parcels are a small size. It is therefore used to transport small items. Suitable for products such as cups and pens.

Small size: 40*30*30

It is suitable for the transportation and stacking of items that do not take up much space in volume. It is preferred for items with dimensions such as clothes, small household and kitchen appliances, shoes and slippers.

Medium size: 60*40*40

Suitable for items such as office products. It is used for medium-sized products such as PCs, phones, stationery, documents, folders. It is the most preferred size for people and companies that will transport from home to home.

Large size: 80*50*50

It is suitable for stacking, archiving and transporting items that take up a lot of space in terms of volume. Useful for electronics, textiles, coffee tables and similar household items. Oversized parcels also provide convenience and comfort in terms of stacking. Extra resistant to printing and pressing. In this way, it is often preferred for sensitive items and heavy materials that are likely to break.

Regardless of the size of the parcel, plastic parcels are not easily deformed. This means that it can be used for many months of storage. In addition to standard sizes, individually customized dimensions are also possible. For example, it would be wrong to use the same size parcel for a book and a piece of clothing. Because already one is heavy and small and one is big and light. For this reason, parcels can be produced in line with requests and needs.

You can start reviewing immediately to choose the right product, and you can take the opportunity to buy high quality products suitable for your budget at affordable prices.

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Plastic Parcel Prices

Plastic parcel prices vary according to the size, size and whether the product is printed or unprinted. When choosing the parcels produced according to the desired dead and thickness and color preference, it is necessary to first determine what they are needed for. Then the size and dimensions should be decided. Finally, it should be determined whether it is printed or unprinted for your business or personal tastes. The prices of the parcels decided in line with these requests and needs will also vary.

Transportation Parcel Selection

The most important factor when choosing a transport parcel is the size and weight of the product to be transported. It is therefore necessary to clearly identify both your own and the product's needs. By answering the following questions, you can make the right parcel choice for you.

  • Is the transport box necessary for transporting large items or for transporting small items?
  • Which category is the product to be transported? (food, clothing, cosmetics, stationery, office, household, etc.)
  • There are many options such as dowry, house-to-house transportation, warehouse stacking, office organization, shelf organization. What purpose will the plastic box serve?
  • Is it necessary for products that are fragile enough to break or for products that will not break?

These questions are important for the choice of plastic box . Because the size and durability of the parcel to be selected should be decided according to these answers. It is useful not to skip this step in order to make the right choice according to your needs. If the right size parcel is not selected, safe transportation of the goods will not be possible. Things may be damaged.

In addition, if you choose a box that will not lift a heavy product, no matter how durable the box is, there will be wear and tear. The biggest example of this can be seen here. For example, you will stack a large household item. You put the products in the box and then stacked the boxes on top of each other. At this point, if the box is chosen incorrectly, or if a box that is much larger than the product is chosen, the upper box may damage the lower box and therefore the products may also be damaged. For this reason, it would be good to choose parcels of the same or similar size to the size of the goods.

Plastic Parcel Prices

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