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30 April 2021
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30 April 2021

Recycling Bins (PP Corrugated Waste Bins)

PP Corrugated recycling bins are It is widely used for hospitals. By separating the garbage, these boxes can be designed and produced as 3 or 4 in a side-by-side tray. Low weight and very little space when transported (in the form of a flat sheet), ability to print 8 colors from all directions and being waterproof, provide frequent use to our valued customers.

Waste separation is the process by which dry waste is separated from wet waste so that recyclable materials can be easily obtained. Therefore, isolated materials can be used to reproduce many products.

Karton Plast recycling bins are very useful for sorting different wastes due to their high strength and resistance to moisture, sunlight and temperature changes. In addition, thanks to the production of these bins in different colors and sizes, they can be used for separating various wastes including paper, glass, plastic and metal.

Hospital waste is one of the most sensitive and important types of waste. In this context, King Karton Plastics Industry Group has produced infectious hospital waste boxes in the form of closed locks with high-strength handles. Not only is it a good choice for sharp waste, it also prevents the spread and leakage of contaminated and infectious chemicals and facilitates the handling and transfer of waste.

PP Corrugated recycling tanks ( Cardboard Plast waste bins or Recycling Bins ) have a lower price and different size than galvanized and plastic tanks. , it should be noted that it is available in power and colors.