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30 April 2021

PP Corrugated Sheet in agriculture industry

Growing bed

One of the most important steps in greenhouse construction is to choose the best type of cultivation medium, which is also low cost and high efficiency. The fuel environments should have the following characteristics:
1. Chemically neutral and stable.
2. If bacteria grows, it should be able to isolate it.
3- Washable and water resistant to remove excess water.
4. Resistant to pH change.
5- Low cost and easy to install.
6- It can be drained with tape and ..
7- It should be smooth and not shaped like a sword. U-shaped King Cardboard Plastic rolls and sheets are considered the best and safest choice for various summer plants, flowers and various plants such as roses, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and ...

Delta Trap

This product is rain and sun resistant, does not require constant maintenance and is resistant to chemicals. The trap is usually light colored and reversible, so it creates a unique wavelength in colors that attract a wide variety of small insects. Among these insects we may find fruit flies, cluster eaters, and…. This product is a convenient and efficient solution to eliminate pests without the need for repeated spraying.

Seedling guard

PP Hollow Sheet's triangular or round seedlings protector can be produced in different sizes. These protectors have a tongue and tongue lock system that allows the protector to be easily opened and reused. This protector can also be made resistant to sunlight by adding anti-UV materials. Widely used in farms, roadside gardens, tree growing areas or gardening. Seedling guards protect the plant from herbicides and other pesticides from wind, especially in windy areas. Another advantage of these seedling protectors is easy access to growing trees for pruning and maintenance. These protectors can be installed and removed very quickly, recycled and do not pollute the environment.