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Corex box
Corex Box and Dunnage Box
17 May 2021
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CartonPlast Stands
30 April 2021

PP Corrugated Cat and Dog House

King Cardboard Plastik is animal friendly as well as being environmentally friendly and producing its products in a 100% recyclable manner. The presence of animals in the world is important and places are prepared to keep them or people who are kind and animal-loving take care of them in their homes, It is very important for those who keep pets to have a spacious house suitable for pets. The use of this product is recommended due to its durability and washability.

King Cardboard Plastic has attracted the attention of animal advocates and other people by designing and building animal houses, PP corrugated Huts can be produced in the design and color ordered by the customer. It can be easily placed in public and open areas as it is waterproof and has UV-blocking properties.

In other countries, a plastic cardboard house has been prepared for cats to shelter in the cold.

King Karton Plastik designs and builds these houses in any color and size you want and even allows you to purchase these houses online.

Buying these homes from PP corrugated sheet, besides being cost-effective, prevents water penetration and has high durability.

For bulk purchasing, with the head office of King Cardboard Plastik contact .