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30 April 2021
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30 April 2021

Application of PP Hollow Sheet in automotive industry

It is used as a sheet in the packaging of auto spare parts and car trunk floor coatings in the automotive sector. In addition to PP Corrugated sheets low price and strength, easy cutting, flameless and slow burning, coating insulation in the automotive industry has made PP Corrugated sheet a special product.

Car Body lining

PP Corrugated Sheet Its properties include lightness, high resistance, anti-wear and anti-corrosion, which is why it has many applications in the Automotive industry. One of these applications is its use in the construction of the luggage floor. In this section, the cardboard plast sheet is covered with carpet (felt) to protect the accessories in the luggage and other automobile parts. In addition, by adding flame retardant masterbatch to the main components of Karton Plast, this product can be burned slowly and possible dangers can be prevented with this feature. Therefore, Karton Plast is a good option for consumption in the automotive industry.

Auto parts packaging

cardboard Plast box is possible in the field of auto parts packaging due to its light weight, ability to withstand and protect against high weights, heat and moisture resistance. is the best option. Another noteworthy thing about Cardboard Plast is its ability to open the box, which reduces space usage.

Vehicle battery box

Another application of PP Corrugated Sheet in the automotive industry is its use in automobile battery packaging, which makes this product protects well.