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30 April 2021
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30 April 2021

PP Corrugated Sheet application in the home appliance industry

Due to the increasing applications of PP Corrugated Sheet , the use of this material has become very popular in the home appliance industry. Its uses include:
1- Behind the refrigerator
2- Bottom and top for water cooler
PP Corrugated Sheet Behind the refrigerator
The use of Carton Plast as the back of the refrigerator is due to the adhesion and waterproofness of the foam to the carton Plas. It protects the polyurethane foam and cooling pipes. This product is moisture proof, heat insulated and most importantly energy saving. Refrigerator back panels are widely used in the home appliance industry today.
Cooler and stove bottom and floor top:
It is the best option for home appliance manufacturers to pack household appliances with printable, waterproof and shockproof cardboard plastic covers.This product has the ability to produce in the desired dimensions and in accordance with the products and warehouse conditions in small storages.
Home appliance packaging
Household appliance manufacturers need to protect their products from dust, bumps and breakage in order to deliver their goods to their dealers or customers correctly and safely, so they have to use the right packaging for their products. Choosing the right type of packaging can be vital and important. One of these options could be cardboard Plast boxes! Because besides having the minimum properties for a packaging carton, the cardboard has unique properties resulting from the Plast properties.
For example, resistance to water and liquid penetration is one of them. Karton Plast packaging has good printability and you can combine different colors in different sizes and print your favorite designs on cardboard plasters.