Polypropylene Corrugated Separator

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30 April 2021
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30 April 2021

PP Corrugated Separator

The Plastic Separator or PP corrugated pad is the most effective technique for handling filled empty cans, containers and bottles, and glass containers in the food and beverage industry. It is highly hygienic and durable with cardboard or chipboard, giving the buyer a long-lasting, smooth, clean surface.
Light and easy handling, cheap price and recyclable features kingkarton.com/karton-plast-nedir/"> Karton Plast , compatible with pallet sizes (easily pulled) and washable.
Especially for re-use, we produce PP Corrugated Separator Dividers Using Cardboard Plast Divider means removing disposable separation plates from the landfill.
Due to the physical properties of the Cardboard Plast Divider such as its durability, resistance to water and moisture, resistance to rotting and crushing, low weight and reusability, PP Corrugated has become an ideal product for separating, storing, transporting and transporting products.
PP Hollow Divider can be produced in different thicknesses, strengths and sizes and PP Sheet is produced in 26 color varieties. and allows separation of different products in stock.
At the request of the customer, the edges are sewn to prevent water or any liquid from entering during washing.

Cardboard Plast divider

PP Slotted divider is the most effective technique for conveying full containers and bottles in Glassware, Empty cans, Food and beverage industries. This product is also known as layer dividers, separator plates or separator plates. It is very hygienic and durable compared to cardboard or cardboard, has a smooth and clean surface and is long-lasting that allows the buyer to use it continuously.Other features include light weight and easy handling, cheap price and recyclability, adaptability to pallet sizes (easily downscaled) and washability. Edges are sewn at the customer's request to prevent water or any liquid from entering during washing.

MDF cover

As a coating on MDF, Plastic sheets can be used, as well as protecting from weather conditions such as water and rain, it also prevents the sheets from hitting and abrasion during transportation. .