PP Layer Pad

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Recycling industry
30 April 2021
PP Corrugated Hollow Sheet
PP Hollow Sheet
17 May 2021

PP Layer Pad

Corrugated Plastic pallet dividers are the most effective technique in the food and beverage industry for carrying empty metal cans, containers, glass containers and bottles. Compared to cardboard and chipboard are very hygienic and durable, providing a durable, smooth and clean surface for the customer. Alongside pallet size compatibility other features include lightness, cheapness, portability, recyclability and washability. We manufacture PP Corrugated Separator and Divider especially for reusing. This means removing disposable separator plates from landfill. Due to the physical properties of the plastic divider such as durability, water, moisture and rotting resistance, low weight and reusability, it has become an ideal product for the separation, storage and transportation of products. PP Corrugated divider can be produced in different thickness, strength and dimensions, with 26 colors allowing different products to be separated in stocks. At the request of the customer, the edges can be sewn to prevent water or any liquid from entering the sheet during washing.

What is PP Layer Pad :

What is Carton Plast Separator? Have you ever heard of such a thing and do you know? Follow us to the end of this article for more information on this great product.
With a simple definition or expression, we can answer the question of what is a Carton Plast separator; a product that is used for coating purposes and offered to the consumer in two forms as rolls and sheets. This product is used to produce the sheet model of the extrusion technique in such a way that two outer sheets are connected to each other using narrow vertical plates. Areas of Use of Separator Between Products:
It is interesting to know that this product is used in various industries such as roofing blocks and formwork, interior architecture (roof, partition and wall), hangar construction, car manufacturing, chandelier manufacturing, household appliances, production of video locations. It is used in the safe packaging of goods, model making, advertising stands, traffic signs, etc. It is worth noting that in addition to the production of industrial hangars, the problems of poultry net usage also cause the raise of plastic Carton rolls and sheet separators production.
It is interesting to know that Carton Plast's separator sheets are up to 250 cm wide and will be produced in two forms, as rolls and sheets, according to the customer's requirement. Normally 2 cm wide and 50 cm long rolls are more common. However, as we mentioned in the text above, the length and width factor of this product can be changed according to customer needs and will be made at temperatures between 270 and 1000 degrees Celsius. There is also a great variety of colors. Features of PP Corrugated Sheet:
This functional product has its own unique features, some of which are mentioned in the text below: • * Carton Plast separator has high resistance to pressure and impact. • * The tolerance of this product to temperature changes varies between minus 30 and 80 degrees Celsius. • * Actually, Carton Plast separator is a kind of sound and heat insulation and will prevent energy loss, so it has many applications in construction.
• * This product can be printed on with highly durable Serigraphy (Silk Screen) printing technique. Due to this feature, Carton Plast is used in the production of billboards and stands.
• * This particular product is very flexible.
• * Carton Plast is used to separate mineral water and other beverages in their boxes.
• * Washable. All plastic products are washable. It is interesting to know that the PP Corrugated sheet will not change after washing.
• * A unique and special feature of Carton Plast is that it is non-toxic and hygienic. This product is also recyclable and reusable.
• * The weight of these separators is very low. A striking point in this regard is that working with this product does not pose any problems or dangers to the individual.
• * Carton Plast separator is not flammable and does not burn in case of fire, it melts and prevents the spread of flame.
• * Some of these cartons are equipped with plastic materials that are resistant to UV rays and prevent the passage of ultraviolet rays.
• * The easiest and most economical way to transport goods is to use a Carton Plast divider.
Features of products made with plastic separator:
• * All products made of polypropylene are resistant to chemicals and Carton Plast is no exception to this rule.
• * It is a kind of waterproofing and because of this feature, it is used in swimming pools, greenhouses, etc. It is very useful in places.
• * Another feature created on the Carton Plast separator upon customer request is the anti-static option, preventing static electricity and dust absorption on the product surface.
• * Transparency is another feature of this product and it will increase the transparency of polypropylene by adding core masterbatch. Surely, whether the product is more or less transparent depends on the customer.
• * It is odorless as completely fresh and high-quality raw materials are used in its production.
• * PP Corrugated Sheet is very easy to cut. You can easily separate the plastic Carton rolls with a knife and shape them into the design and shape what you want. Of course, factories use a fully automatic machine to cut this product so that they can make a completely smooth cut.
This product is unique due to its special features such as non-slippery, easy cutting, high resistance to pressure and impact, and acoustic insulation and some other features, which make this product very special among many products.
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CartonPlast Box with Divider

PP Slotted divider is the most effective technique for conveying full containers and bottles in Glassware, Empty cans, Food and beverage industries. This product is also known as layer dividers, separator plates or separator plates. It is very hygienic and durable compared to cardboard or cardboard, has a smooth and clean surface and is long-lasting that allows the buyer to use it continuously.Other features include light weight and easy handling, cheap price and recyclability, adaptability to pallet sizes (easily downscaled) and washability. Edges are sewn at the customer's request to prevent water or any liquid from entering during washing.

MDF Cover

As a coating on MDF, Plastic sheets can be used, as well as protecting from weather conditions such as water and rain, it also prevents the sheets from hitting and abrasion during transportation. .