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PP Corrugated Sheet Application in advertising industry:

Display Stand (standing and simple Stand - Shop Stand - Desktop Stand)

Free standing advertising stand

Advertising posters

Selection booths

Rack Stand

What is a Stand:

Many people say that when they hear the word stand , it is an unfamiliar and confusing word. To introduce this word, we will try to give you a simple definition in the first place. It is a good, more efficient and more attractive tool that helps to provide its features. In the field of stores, the materials used in stand construction are classified as follows:
Metal stand
PP Corrugated Sheet stand
wire stand
wooden stand
cardboard stand

Display Stands

Store stand with shelves is selected according to the product type and physical properties. The shop stand is for products with low weight and relatively high sales, so do not necessarily It must be accessible and easily accessible to the client and location.
Shop stands, chocolate, chips, snacks, toothbrush, toiletries, food It is widely used to represent products such as razors. The store stand has the ability to display, place and supply products in the best way.
Due to its wide printing capability and reasonable prices, as well as cutting opportunity and various designs that can be found in it It has been applied on PP Corrugated Sheet, which is highly appreciated by companies and production facilities for presentation and promotion. The store stands are exactly where you shop and they definitely encourage you during the purchase. These stands represent a new concept called shops within a store. The advantage of using a variety of shop stands is that they cost much less than other media. They dedicate themselves in front of the audience they communicate with and in proportion to the production volume, They cover a wide geographic area and are exposed to the audience for a long time.

Advertisement Stand (Shop stand)

One of the most common types of stands are shop stands, such stands are used in various ways in terms of application and we will mention some common examples here: Cosmetic Stand - Chocolate Stand - Tool Stand - Chips Stand - Pompom and Snack Stand - Clothing Stand - Cigarette Stand - Catalog Stand - Newspaper Stand - cosmetic Stand - Packaged Vegetable Stand - Nail Polish Stand - Medicine Stand - Gum Stand - Cake Stand - Beverage stand * Advantages of Cardboard Plast Advertising Stands: Advertising can improve the sales situation of any company and provide goods and services to customers of any company and manufacturer. It is the main pillar to provide service. Thus, King Karton Plastik Companisi has played an important role in advertising the products and services of various companies, using the most modern production machines, screen printing and digital printing machines, cutting and die cutting machines of Carton Plast, using skilled engineers in designing and presenting eye-catching designs. The sheet can justify the choice of cardboard Plast stands for companies due to its light weight, impact and sun resistance, waterproof, excellent printability and dozens of other advantages. Here are 4 advantage :
1- Promote your company's brand: Plastic Sheet can develop your brand in new ways. By placing your product stand in front of the consumer, even if your product is finished, you and your brand will still be with them and they will see you. Imagine a service that puts you in front of your ideal market day and night and never complains about it. This is exactly what stands do for you.
2- Show your taste in the form of designs and sizes: cardboard The various sizes, designs, colors and thicknesses of cardboard make your stand dream come true. Imagine using such a color and design for your product that the stores will thank you for the visual beauty you give to their stores.
3- Increase your income: Revenue growth is particularly important for any business, and advertising stands in stores can play an important role in people's purchasing decisions. Comparing online shopping and physical shopping, people prefer to buy more than 70% of their products in stores and in person, according to POPAI Global statistics.
4- Customer satisfaction: In the business world, customer comfort is always extremely important when shopping.
Those who make the purchasing process easier for customers will have more power in the market. So with a shop stand you show the customer exactly what they are looking for and when things are easier for the customer, they start shopping.

Desktop Stand

Desktop stands are widely used today to promote new products offered by manufacturers.
Tabletop stands are often used for small items such as CDs, chewing gum, and toiletries.
It is available at the desks and cash registers of shops and pharmacies.
Thanks to creativity in design and high quality printing, desktop stands attract buyers' attention to new products It causes and attracts higher product sales.
There is a place on the tabletop stand to provide the necessary information in catalogs and brochures of product presentations.
Communicate with product buyers with new products.

Election and propaganda booths

Advertising counters made of Karton Plast can be easily transported and take up little space. It is a product that can be assembled in the form of a plate. Its waterproof and durable features and affordable price make it a good choice for city council and election campaigns.

Advertising banners

Banners or slogans are a tool that most of us see on walks, and banners often contain a message from marchers to others or officials, and those people want to convey that message to them. But banners have other uses in addition to marches. Much like advertising banners used for information, advertising and elections. These banners are often used in public places or attached to vehicles and have a special advertising message. These posters are often displayed in theaters with the names and pictures of the film's lead actors.

Price and types of PP Corrugated stands

When you enter a store or shop to buy, you may have seen shelves designed with beautiful designs and effects in front of and inside the store. These beautiful and attractive shelves are called stands and the Karton Plast stand is an example. In this article, we try to give information about the types and prices of Karton Plast stands and to explain the factors that affect the price of Karton Plast stands.

Prices of cardboard plast stands according to their type?

As we said, we want to talk about the Karton Plast stand price. In a general classification, stands are divided into two types: Classified stands: These stands are usually placed inside stores and sometimes outside of stores near store doors. Snacks, chips and other food are placed on their shelves. The prices of Karton Plast stands vary according to how many floors they are. It differs depending on other factors. Advertising stands: These stands are only for advertising products and there is no possibility to place products inside and most are placed in front of doors or inside stores. cardboard plast Advertising stands are very low in price and are suitable for advertising products. Special stands: These stands are specially made for special products. For example, there is a specially made stand for candies and other products. Desktop stands: These stands are also among the stands that can be used as a desktop and can be placed in smaller items. Desktop Cardboard Plast Stand price is also determined by size and other factors, but generally its price is low and very economical. The stands are usually made of cardboard plast and their colors are chosen according to the design drawn on them. Cartoon and animation designs are often used on stands (often also affect the price of the stand) because it is both more attractive and makes the shop space cold and soulless. On the other hand, when placed in stores, these stands help create order and structure in store products and allow products to be arranged and examined in order. provides.

Prices of PP Corrugated stand

In order to determine the price of Karton Plast stand, it is necessary to pay attention to some points that determine the price, but in general and in one view, it can be said that the price of the Karton Plast stand is very low and economical, and on the other hand, they are very suitable for advertising. Since the price of Plast stands is very low, you can choose the right and very affordable choice by choosing these stands. The features that change the price of the Karton Plast stand and make a difference between the price of one stand and the other are: ⦁ Washable Design type⦁ Scope of the ability and advertising capacity⦁ On the stand The type of material used Insulation and fire resistance Flexibility V Resistance And… The properties that determine the price are for Karton Plast. A very important point regarding the features and price of the Karton Plast stand is that it is compared to other stands, that is, compared to their counterparts made of metal and MDF. to be much more efficient and It has all the features but is also inexpensive.

Cardboard Plast stand types and prices are according to plate thickness and applications

As we have said, the types of stands are generally divided into three categories: Rack, Ceiling, Advertising, Tabletop, And SpecialThis classification is also ineffective in the price of cardboard plast stands. Of course, we have already explained each of these topics before. However, even in terms of materials, there are different types of stands because even the material of the cardboards is different and these types are classified according to the type of materials used in them. Generally, the materials used to make stands are examples of the following: Metal Corrugated Cardboard CardboardMDF These materials are the most common and are widely used in stand construction. However, as stated, the Karton Plast stand is more durable and the price is much cheaper than the other counterparts. The application method and the material used in the construction are one of the most important points to determine the price of the Karton Plast stand and the price can be determined according to these features. At a glance, you can get information from the price by specifying the stand type and material Note that the price of Karton Plast stands will be determined by the previously mentioned features.

Why Cardboard Plast Stand or Plastic Sheet Stand?

They are known in Turkey by names such as Karton Plasti, Plast sheet, double-walled plastic sheets or plastic sheets. King Karton Plastik Company is the largest Plastic sheet or Cardboard Plast manufacturer in Turkey. The reasons for choosing King Karton Plastik as a reference in the production of advertising stands by different companies can be stated as follows: - Production of high quality plastic sheets and stands - to make high quality and transparent prints - Light and impact resistant to water and sunlight - Using the best quality colors and UVs for the stand - 3D design and physical samples are provided before mass production and ... All efforts of our staff and colleagues are the current world In accordance with the standards of Turkey, we should produce a stand worthy of the quality products of Turkey so that we can contribute to the prosperity of the economy and domestic production. feedback created s are taken into account and do not provide overhead for the company. As always said, advertising is not a cost, but a safe investment for your product. With his team, we will do our best to provide you with a physical sample and a 3D physical sample and designs.King Karton Plastik Company's policy is to always respect the customer and satisfy their demands well, and in this way we will spare no effort.

What is the use of a Cardboard Plast stand?

Display Stand, Standing Stand, Store Stand, Desktop Stand, Advertising posters, Selection booths

What are the benefits of the PP Corrugated stand?

1 Promote your company's brand

2. Evaluate your taste in designs and sizes

3. Increase your income

4. Customer happiness.

What is the price of the PP Hollow Stand according to the types?

Shelf stands, Ceiling stands, Promotion stands, Special stands, Desktop stands,… This variety of products on the stands had different prices according to their sizes and applications.