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30 April 2021
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30 April 2021

PP Corrugated Fruit and Vegetable Crates

Today, PP Corrugated Sheet is used in the commercial packaging of fruits and vegetables. The advantages of polypropylene boxes include durability, lightness, adaptability to pallet sizes and the ability to keep agricultural products fresh and moist during storage. These boxes are water and moisture resistant and are 100% recyclable. The delivery time of fresh agricultural products to the market is very short, so packaging is an important factor in transportation and packaging. PP materials can be used safely as they are suitable for contact with food.
Apple Box
Today, fruit packaging is one of the most effective pillars in fruit sales.
Preserving the freshness of the fruit is one of the basic tasks of a fruit box.
The use of Crates made of PP Corrugated Sheet in the production of fruit boxes has made it easier for the exporter to use special printing on the packaging to expand the brand name.
The dimensions of the apple box can be changed according to the customer's order.