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Zero Waste Boxes

Zero Waste Boxes

The recycling sector is new in our country and recently, efforts have been made to recycle and remanufacture various products in the production cycle, most notably paper recycling.

With limited wood resources and the destruction of the country’s forests, paper recycling plays a vital role in conserving natural resources.

In addition to its economic benefits, paper recycling makes it independent of pulp, reduces pollution, prevents deforestation and helps the waste collection and disposal system.

King Karton Plastik is proud to cooperate in this national commitment by producing recycling bins for recycling paper, plastic, glass and electrical parts in various designs and sizes.


Zero Waste Boxes are designed and produced in different sizes and designs with special forms and printing for the needs of waste management organizations of municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals and companies.

The PP Corrugated recycling bin has ideal strength and durability and is much more economical than its counterparts.