PP Corrugated sheet or CardboardPlast

You may have seen PP Corrugated sheets many times as fruit boxes or fruit separators in places like fruit shops, or as table tops or advertising stands. In this article, we will fully discuss PP Corrugated sheet and its material, dimensions and properties.

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What is PP Corrugated Sheet?

PP Corrugated sheet is a type of rigid cardboard with very high strength.

PP Corrugated sheets are known in the market by other names such as Krugit, Plast Sheet, Corrugated Plastic Sheet. The use of this cardboard can be seen in a variety of industries, including the packaging industry, printing and advertising, construction, home appliances, model making, interior design, horticulture, hangars, molding, automotive and agriculture.

The use of cardboard plast sheets in each of the above sectors will provide many benefits. Below, we will discuss the properties of Cardboard Plastboard.

What material is PP Corrugated sheet made of?

Carton plast sheets are usually made of a material called polypropylene.Polypropylene is a material that is 100% recyclable, made of petrochemical raw materials that do not harm the nature. It should be remembered that of course, Karton Plast is produced during the extrusion process. In this method, two outer flat sheets (called films) connected to each other in parallel with narrow vertical plates.

What are the types of PP Corrugated sheets?

There are different Cardboard plast plates. What distinguishes cardboard plast plates are factors such as the material, thickness, dimensions, colors and weight of the cardboard plast plates.

The cardboard plastic sheet can be made of polypropylene or other material. Carton plast plates are available in thicknesses of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm. Cardboard plast plates are produced in different sizes and weights. Cardboard plast plates also have different colors. Colors such as white, blue, orange, black, green, gray and red. By combining each of these factors, a certain type of Carton plast plate is obtained. According to these factors, each square meter of cardboard plast plate will have a different price.

Carton Plast produces various products such as divider, pallet box, advertising stand, desktop stand and store stand from Carton Plast plates.

Carton Plast divider is used in the storage of goods, regular collection of goods in workshops and factories.

Pallet boxes are used for easier and better transportation of products between production units.

Advertising stands include plastic plates and bases, which is where the advertising designs were printed and displayed.

Desktop stands to promote new products such as CDs, chewing gum and… are presented on the counter and cash register of shops and pharmacies.

Shop stands are used for foods such as chocolate, chips.

What are the dimensions of PP Corrugated Sheet?

The dimensions or width and length of the PP Corrugated sheet can vary. In addition to dimensions, the thickness of PP Corrugated sheet can also vary. PP Corrugated, supplied in sheets or rolls.

The buyer should consider the sizes, weights, thicknesses and prices of different types of PP Corrugated Sheets according to the application they expect from PP Corrugated Sheet and then order the PP Corrugated sheet.

What are PP Corrugated Sheet features

PP Hollow Sheet has unique properties that distinguish it from other cartons.

  • PP Gutter sheet is environmentally friendly and recyclable, and its production prevents further cutting down of trees.
  • PP Gutter sheet has high resistance to physical and chemical factors such as high weight.
  • One of the features of PP Hollow Sheet is its use as sound, moisture and heat insulation.
  • PP Gutter sheet can be easily washed with detergent without being damaged.
  • PP Gutter sheet is flexible and maintains its flexibility in the long term if it is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • PP Gutter sheet is very hygienic and non-toxic and does not pose any danger to human health, it can be used in food and medicine packaging.
  • PP Hollow sheets are very light and weigh one-sixth of glass. Since it is easy to transport, the use of PP Corrugated sheet is very simple.
  • PP Gutter sheets can be printed. The method used for printing on it is silk screen with high durability; For this reason, these signs are used in the production of billboards and advertising or desktop stands.
  • PP Hollow sheets are odorless, waterproof and moisture proof. These layers do not absorb odors.
  • PP Gutter sheets are very easy to cut, and glue, staples, etc. Can be pasted with.
  • PP Gutter sheet is resistant to climate change.
  • PP Gutter sheet can withstand temperatures from -30 to 80 degrees Celsius.


One of the most important features of PP Gutter sheet is its non-flammability. In the event of an accident, this product does not catch fire but melts. This special feature prevents the spread of fire.

In some types of PP Hollow sheets, special materials that prevent the passage of ultraviolet rays and create high resistance to sunlight are used in their construction.

To purchase PP Hollow sheets and take advantage of its unique features in your industry, you can either apply to the market or find its dimensions, material, price and specifications on websites and compare it with a reliable purchase.

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Polypropylene Corrugated Board

PP Corrugated Sheet price:

The price of PP Oluku sheet depends on the type of product and the price of petrochemical materials. King Karton Plastics Industry Group is the pricing reference in Turkey for PP Corrugated sheets and rolls, and we always try to offer the best quality at the most affordable price to our valued customers.

As King Karton Plastik Industrial Group, we believe that quality should not be compromised for price and we never try to produce low quality products due to price competition.

Accuracy in product quality and the use of quality raw materials in the production of PP Corrugated Sheets have been what have sustained our activities for the last 17 years.

King Karton Plastik Industrial Group offers products that ensure its quality and durability to its customers.

Price calculation method:

(What is PP Hollow Sheet?) As we explained in our article, Polypropylene materials are used in the production of PP Corrugated Sheet. Polypropylene materials are produced by petrochemicals, and petrochemicals supply these materials to buyers in kilograms.

Due to price fluctuations of petrochemicals, we have to make changes in the list with every price change. And the price of one kilogram of PP Corrugated Sheet is equal to the price of one kilogram of material plus the cost of production.

Because PP Corrugated Sheet is used as a meter, Consumers usually want to know the PP Corrugated Sheet price in square meters. In order to calculate the price of one square meter of PP Corrugated Sheet, it is sufficient to know what the grammage value of the product we are considering is. Actually, the concept of weight is the weight of one square meter of PP Corrugated Sheet.


When PP Corrugated Sheet is said 3 mm and 400 grams, it means that a 1 meter by 1 meter layer of this product weighs 400 grams. Now, if the price of PP Corrugated plate is 10 Lira per kilogram, that is, 0.01 Lira per gram, if we multiply 400 by 0.01 Lira, we can say that it will be 4 Taman. In fact, one square meter of pp corrugated sheet is equal to 400 grams, the price is equal to 4 Lira.

PP Corrugated sheet price list:

The properties of PP Corrugated Board have increased the purchasing value of this product compared to similar products.

Get the plastic sheet price as a downloadable file:

plastic sheet price List
PP Corrugated Sheet roll price list

Please contact us for price information due to price fluctuations in polymeric materials.

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PP Corrugated box price:

The use of this type of box has decreased significantly because cardboard is used in cardboard box production and many trees have to be cut for cardboard production, because cutting any tree causes a lot of damage to the environment.

Because of this problem, box fans made of PP Corrugated sheets are added every day. And our designers at King Karton Plastik Industrial Group have designed and crafted beautiful and elegant boxes for packaging products of different industries.

The price of each box varies according to the size of the sheet used, and you can contact the sales department of the King Karton Plastik factory to find the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is PP Corrugated sheet?

PP Corrugated sheet is a type of flexible cardboard with very high strength. PP Corrugated sheets are known in the market with other names such as krogit, Plastic Sheet, Plast Sheet.

  1. Which types of PP Corrugated sheets were?

There are different PP Corrugated sheets. What distinguishes PP Corrugated sheets are factors such as the material, thickness, dimensions, colors and weight of the sheets.

  1. How about the dimensions of the PP Corrugated Sheet?

The dimensions or width and length of the PP Corrugated sheet may vary. In addition to dimensions, the thickness of PP Corrugated sheet can also vary. PP Corrugated sheet is supplied in sheets or rolls.