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28 September 2021
What is KartonPlast? and Where to Buy KartonPlast?
4 January 2024
SIGN Istanbul KINGKARTONPLASTIK TRR 1 1 King Karton Plastik
28 September 2021
What is KartonPlast? and Where to Buy KartonPlast?
4 January 2024

Corflute Sheet

Corflute sheet, which is a plastic sheet that is very similar to corrugated cardboard, is actually the industrial name of polypropylene and polyethylene profile sheets consisting of two flat sheets and vertical thin walls between them, which is produced by extrusion and flute method. These sheets are also known as Correx and Carton Plast, but the industry has chosen Corflute as their commercial name and it is now a general term for Corrugated PP and PE Sheets.

Advantages of using Corflute sheet:

Among the advantages that have made different types of Corflute sheets popular are as following:
  • Corflute sheets are cheap and therefore a cost-effective choice for billboards and banners for advertising and marketing purposes.
  • These plastic sheets are durable and waterproof. Corflute boards are generally strong, meaning they can endure climate change and withstand extreme winds and rains; So that their printing do not fade. These boards usually last 2 to 3 years outdoors. Polypropylene also has a neutral pH and is resistant to chemicals. In addition, the use of some additives in the manufacturing process of the sheets, has made them resistant to ultraviolet rays, static electricity and fire.
  • Installation of Corflute boards is easy. Because they are lightweight, easy to move around, can be hooked and attached everywhere, and can be easily taken when finished using.
  • The high customization ability of the boards and in general all products made of Corflute sheet is one of their outstanding features. This means that it can be easily marked, printed, cut and made to the desired design based on the demanded needs and styles.
  • High resolution printing is available on Corflute sheet. You can use digital serigraphy printing on these sheets, which does not reduce the original color’s tone and quality.
  • This product is completely environment friendly, biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Applications of Corflute sheet:

If you are looking for a temporary board for events such as trade fairs, conferences and festivals that is durable and affordable, Corflute boards are definitely an ideal option for you. As we mentioned before, you can order to cut them easily to the dimensions you need and you will not have trouble moving them around. Installing these plastic sheets as panels does not require nails and screws, so it does not leave holes and permanent signs on the wall or any other installation location. You can easily install them using click rivets, tape and even hot glue, and you can remove them quickly. The Corflute board is the most popular way to display posters of various events in different places, and it is also the most widely used way to advertise those who are involved in construction projects in the form of billboards on the project site and real estate entrances in most European and American countries. Beside the good strength of this type of sheet, it can be easily bent. Therefore, in addition to the above items, Corflute sheets are also used in the packaging and construction industries. The foldability and the ideal weight-to-strength ratio of the Corflute sheet makes it a great choice for packing boxes and also, Corflute boxes can be reused. In addition, as we have often seen in various places, these sheets are the best option for making recycling bins. In the construction industry, Corflute sheet is used for waterproofing, thermal insulation and protection of surfaces such as walls and floors against damage during construction. Also, these plastic sheets are suitable for electrical work due to their high electrical resistance. A Corflute sheet can withstand temperatures up to 65 ° C. In addition, Corflute sheets are a great option for homes with large open areas and can be used as a canopy or windbreak. These sheets can even be used in the construction of greenhouses for partitioning and protection of plants from the cold.

It is true that Corflute sheets were originally produced as a substitute for cardboard, but now, various people and businesses are using these sheets for other creative purposes. Applications such as:

  • Acoustic insulation
  • Moisture insulation and waterproofing
  • Wall lining
  • Play houses and cottages for children
  • Animal huts
  • Cages for small animals (rabbits and guinea pigs)
  • Temporary flooring
  • Temporary use in broken windows
  • Designing decor for theater stage and…
  • Making models
  • Coloring boards for children
  • and many more!

Corflute sheet is actually the industrial name of double-walled polypropylene sheets or Carton Plast, which are used to make banners, billboards and... These sheets, while being light, also have good strength and durability. In this article, we have introduced these plastic sheets.