Learn the difference between Polycarbonate and PP Corrugated Sheet

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What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a member of the thermoplastic polymer family, widely used in the molding industry and thermal modifications. Polycarbonate is one of the materials that plays a very important role in the modern chemical industry. This type of plastic can be a good alternative to glass as it is considered a very hard transparent material and can be used in various parts of buildings. Polycarbonate was first made by Daniel Fox at General Electric Plastics in 1953 and mass produced and marketed in 1958. The variety of polycarbonate sheets was such that this chemical could be used on all types of structures and in combination with different building materials.

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Among the most important factors taken into account in determining the type of building materials are atmospheric factors such as hail and storms and some natural disasters such as earthquakes due to the strength, transparency and impact of polycarbonate sheets. Another prominent feature of polycarbonate sheets is that they are lightweight, which makes their transportation and shipping in large numbers less costly to people.

Ultraviolet rays are known as carcinogenic rays and can affect the health of various organisms, including humans. This radiation can also discolor or change the color of objects. Polycarbonate sheets, thanks to their anti-transmission layers, prevent this radiation from entering the domestic space and provide a safe environment for the residents.

In houses and buildings with glass roofs, it is always difficult to keep this glass clean. Another prominent feature of polycarbonate is the antistatic properties of its outer layer. Dust in the air is not absorbed by polycarbonate sheets and is easily washed off the sheet and its surface is cleaned.

As mentioned in the sections above, polycarbonate is a fragile and unbreakable polymer, so using this polymer will provide you with a safe environment and will greatly prevent objects from falling.

Polycarbonate can be used to decorate the interior. This polymer can also be used in the manufacture of dashboards and components, front bumpers and rear bumpers, in the cosmetic and medical industries, in the manufacture of prescription glasses and bulletproof glass.

Other uses of polycarbonate :

  • Build a canopy from houses
  • Construction of partition walls
  • Warehouse skylights
  • military industries
  • Partitioning
  • Making a CD
  • Construction of plant growing sheds
  • Roof construction for sports stadiums and swimming pools
  • Aircraft industry
  • Automotive industry

Polycarbonate production method

The PPG company first discovered the method of producing polycarbonate in 1941 by producing resins and cross-links. When the carbon double bond was broken in this method, a colorless and transparent plastic known as polycarbonate was first produced. Over time, other methods of making this polymer were discovered and progress began in the production and manufacturing of this plastic.

Today, two different methods are generally used to make this polymer, which we will examine below:

  1. Batch method
    In the batch production method, phosgene gas is combined with phenol to produce a substance called diphenyl carbonate. The compound is then reacted with bisphenol A to form a polymer.
  2. Two-stage melting method
    Another method for the production of polycarbonate that has been discovered and is used in many factories today is the two-stage melting production method. This method uses elements other than phosgene for polymerization. For example, the exchange of ester elements between diphenyl carbonate and bisphenol A is widely used.

In general, sheets made from this polymer are installed in two ways: ceiling and wall

To install this plastic in the first step, dust and foreign matter are removed from the grooves in the sheet metal. In order for the plastic to be well placed in the desired location, it must be sufficiently hardened so that there is no stress and deformation in the sheet. In the next steps, it should be noted that the grooves of the boards are from the bottom up.

What is PP Corrugated Sheet?

Cardboard plastics are sheets made in the shape of cardboard. These sheets are extruded and manufactured from polypropylene and are classified as rigid plastics. Plastic cartons consist of two flat outer sheets, in the middle of which narrow vertical sheets are connected in parallel. PP Corrugated Sheet is more resistant to impact and physical factors than polycarbonate sheets and can be resistant to chemical substances. Unlike polycarbonate, plastic cartons are more widely used in factories. PP Corrugated Sheets or plastic sheet corrugated sheets play an important role in the packaging industry and can be used for advertising, industrial and agricultural purposes. Plastic cartons, like cardboard cartons, are die-cut, meaning they can be cut and cut into different pieces. In addition to these properties, one of the reasons for using these plastics is that they can be screen printed.

It has different names among marketers PP Corrugated Sheet:

PP Corrugated Sheet properties:

PP Corrugated Sheets can show good resistance to shocks and pressure. PP Corrugated Sheet has a very high flexibility and can be longitudinally or transversely curved in different directions, but it is better to be longitudinally curved to avoid folding of the sheet. No harmful or toxic substances were used to make this material, so it does not pose any danger to human health if used for packaging materials. As we mentioned, unlike polycarbonate, this polymer can be easily cut with a cutting machine or die cutter, and parts of this polymer can be connected to each other with tools such as staples, plastic welding and glue. The mesh structure of this product and the presence of air inside its plates has led many people to use PP Corrugated Sheets as sound insulation and electrical insulation. PP Corrugated Sheet is water resistant and is a waterproof plastic, so it can be a good suggestion for people living in humid environments. This versatile polymer can be used in house partitions and traffic signs or advertising stands. If we want to talk about the properties of Carton Plast in general, we can say that Carton Plast is a polymer that is lightweight, easy to assemble and has a very high resistance to high temperatures and heat.

Polycarbonate and PP Corrugated Sheet Comparison of

Dykat is a plastic cutting method and can be used to cut plastics into different shapes and create different designs. One of the most obvious disadvantages of polycarbonate sheets is the high sensitivity of these sheets to punching and die-cutting, so polycarbonate can break completely when buying cardboard sheets during the punching or die-cutting process. or drilling operations on sheet metal. As mentioned, polycarbonate sheets are expensive and cost the user a lot of money, the reason for the high price of these sheets is the ultraviolet coating used in their manufacture. Cardboard Plast sheets can be made and offered according to the user’s wishes, so nowadays, according to the wishes of the customers, Cardboard Plast sheets are in sunscreen or anti-UV, anti-fungal and antimicrobial or nano-plastic, antifungal form. -Electrically charged or antistatic and fireproof or made of fireproof material.

Unlike polycarbonate, which creates smoke during a fire, PP Corrugated sheets melt when ignited, which can prevent fires and prevent fire from growing in the environment.

As mentioned, polycarbonate sheets can be used to make glass roofing and often replace it with glass, while PP Corrugated Sheet can also be used in construction, such as in the form of building and roofing blocks, replicas, hangars and advertising stands are used and can be used. is not a substitute for glass.

The high strength and light weight of polycarbonate compared to glass has made these sheets a special offer for people with greenhouses, and the demand for these sheets has increased significantly.

Another advantage of polycarbonate over Carton Plast is that it reduces energy consumption. Using polycarbonate sheets instead of single glazing reduces energy consumption by 50%, which may be one of the most important advantages of these sheets.

The difference between Polycarbonate and PP Corrugated Sheet

Another unique feature of polycarbonate is that it is heat resistant and does not deform in conditions and atmospheric factors, while PP Corrugated Sheets sheets do not resist cold much. Unlike polycarbonate, they can crack or in some cases break. completely. Other differences between Polycarbonate and PP Corrugated Sheet include the scratch resistance of these two sheets. Polycarbonate sheets, despite their remarkable properties, are more scratch resistant than PP Corrugated Sheet, which can be considered one of the disadvantages of this polymer. The ultraviolet coating that can be found in the polycarbonate structure allows the buyer to pay more to buy this polymer than to buy PP Corrugated Sheet. Polycarbonate sheets do not ignite during a fire, but they emit a lot of smoke and fall into the category of smoky plastics. The question on many users’ minds is which of these plastics is superior to the other. Polycarbonate can be said to be superior to plastic cartons because of its resistance to sunlight and its ability to prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the home environment, but as mentioned, it is now possible to produce anti-radiation plastic cartons.

Should we buy PP Corrugated Sheet or polycarbonate?

In the paragraphs above, we have mentioned the properties and differences of these two plastics. To answer this question, you can buy one of these two products according to the description above.

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Summary of content :

Polycarbonate is a member of the thermoplastic polymer family, widely used in the molding industry and thermal modifications. In this article, we will examine the properties of plastic and polycarbonate cartons and the differences between these two plastics, and we will also examine the advantages of these two over each other.